Our Course

We have certified training instructors.

The primary instructors are all certified in their respective sport.

Canada Rides is a new business formed to introduce dirt bike and ATV riders to their respective sports in a safe and informative fashion.  The primary instructors are all certified in their respective sport, either  by the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) with their Dirt Bike School curriculum, or by CASI (Canadian AQCC Safety Institute)  in their RiderCourse curriculum.


Ride after being trained.

Receive a certificate from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

The expectation is that at the end of each training session we would take the respective group of students (either dirt bike or ATV riders) out for a celebratory ride and allow them to use the skills they have just learned.

At the successful completion of our safety courses, the participants are provided with a certificate from the MSF or CASI depending on the training they complete.

At Canada Rides, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Some riders will be able to choose from all-electric engines, we also have some small gas engine bikes as well.

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